Looking for a split system for your new home? Want to build ducted air conditioning into your existing dwelling? See what Pez Air can do for you.


New home installations

Pez Air can install split system or ducted air conditioning units in newly built homes. We encourage our clients to send us their floor plans so we can help them capitalise on climate control functionality. Nick and his co-workers will conduct a thorough heat load calculation unique to your home and then help guide you towards the brand to suit your needs. We offer 48-hour turn-around quotes and interest-free financing on residential air conditioning.

Split system

Split system air conditioning is a brilliant and cost-efficient climate control solution. Installation does not require ductwork and air-con operation is always whisper silent. Standard installation for wall-mount split systems includes two meters of piping from the indoor unit to the external unit and 15 meters of cabling with standard circuit breaker and lockable isolation points at the outdoor unit. Split system units can easily be installed in two storey homes, and installation takes just 1-4 hours.


Ducted air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning allows you crisp, cool air in summer or warm, even heat during winter in each zone of your house. Ducted can be installed in both new and existing homes. We supply a free in-home quotation for all ducted systems. During this process, we draw you a ducting and zoning layout with duct sizing and grill unit location so you understand exactly what’s going into your home, how it operates and why it’s needed. Installation takes just 1-2 days.



Pez Air offers routine and scheduled maintenance contracts to keep your home climate control operative. Routine maintenance is imperative to the smooth function of any machine. Just like your car, an air-conditioning unit needs to be regularly cleaned out and tuned up to avoid total breakdown at a later date – often on a hot summer’s night! It is always more cost-effective to regularly schedule air conditioning maintenance than to pay for repairs or purchase a new unit later down the track.



Pez Air runs a breakdown callout service. If your ducted or split system air conditioning unit won’t turn on or shuts down unexpectedly Pez Air can respond to a service call and diagnose the problem. In most cases this will either mean spare parts are required (we keep plenty of those in stock!), the unit needs to be repaired, or in a worst case scenario the unit needs to be replaced. We always do our utmost to ensure you avoid unnecessary cost. Whether it’s the fan or the thermostat, Pez Air can get you back on track.


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